My 12 year Social Media Hiatus…

I thought this would be a fitting way to start my blog because it is essentially facing my fear of the internet.

To give you some context,
In 2008 I deleted my Bebo and myspace accounts.
It was difficult at the time but essential for the identity crisis that I was experiencing as a teen, along with some other family matters that I will share in another blog.
I also started a fulltime job working with technology, and the last thing I wanted to do was go home, watch a tv screen or look at a computer screen.
So I guess, over the years as Facebook’s like button took over the internet, so did my dislike for Facebook in general. I never had a personal account and a family member tried to set one up for me which I was not too thrilled about, so it was deleted.

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Anyway, I was getting questions all the time about Facebook at work. Most of my family and friends were consumed in it, and no one really talked as much because of it. I always remember having a camera shoved in front of my face while I was trying to eat my food and was told to smile instead because it was for Facebook.

I remember going to dinner with some friends, and it was dead silent not because everyone was eating but because everyone was on social media. I would regularly get a hard time about not having social media. It became a little embarrassing telling people I didn’t have Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. because people would look at me like I had 3 heads and think I am weird which is okay. After all, I guess I am. I would always be told to get social media and that I am missing out…
And at times, I struggled without it because the truth is not being included in family and friends; Facebook conversations were sometimes isolating. And when I would see them in real life, and they were consumed with what was on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. that they were never truly present.
As years went on, everyone around me realised I was not joining the social media train anytime soon and respected my decision. In hindsight, I actually never needed to have a social media account for people to know how i was or what i was doing because I would constantly get this line…

oh I saw you on *insert name* social media account so how was *insert what they saw*?’


And it is something I have always struggled with because part of the reason I do not have social media is that I am a private person. Perfect example, the other week a family member told me they saw me in the background of a video on Instagram at my local gym where a girl (who I do not know) wanted to record herself while I am in the background huffing and puffing like a dog and sweating like a pig too.
As social media continues to dominate, the people who once urged me to get on social media are now telling me that NOT having social media is a good thing and to count it as a blessing.

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I also think that I don’t really need the extra social media influence to infiltrate my thoughts and feelings because life is challenging enough without it. For instance, I have been working on improving my health by going to the gym recently to loose the extra weight i gained during my pregnancy. I do not need social media or some algorithm to remind me what a fit person looks like or what other fit postpartum mothers look like because i already experience this in the real world. So, when i have the courage to get up and walk through those gym doors to find the majority of fit people in the gym taking selfies. I am already getting a glimpse before it’s uploaded, edited, filtered and #whatever for people to love and comment/critique.

I guess what i am trying to say is life is challenging enough for me without social media. And i guess having it would only consume more of my time and energy. I know there are plenty of positives to social media like connecting with people and I have always believed that if people really care about how you are going and want to stay connected or be in your life, they would simply call/text.

Although, I am well aware the year is 2020 where social media is a norm but I have realised that God has truly given me the strength for 12 years to navigate life without it when i once thought i couldn’t live without it.

G x

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