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Gratitude Post #3

Hi Everyone, Thank you for your patience with my lack of posting. I wanted to share another how I find gratitude in my camera roll post. First things first, when I took this photo I just thought they looked sweet walking together but I am in awe of my children’s enthusiasm to go into our […]

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Be real, feel, deal and heal…

Hi Everyone, Thank you for your patience with my blog and my lack of posts lately. I have been out of action on here for 2 months so I wanted to give you all a quick update… My household had been unwell with the cold and flu season in full flight. I am grateful because […]

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Blessed with the best #J4

This series will ultimately be about sharing my journey with Jesus and declaring his goodness through unpacking my journals. GINSFAITH Hey Everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I cannot believe we are in the 5th month of the year already and 2021 is almost halfway done. I wanted to share a recent journal […]

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